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Wheel Alignment

Brands for Reliable Auto Performance in London

As part of our commitment to quality at Ron Kraft Auto Care, we use products and parts that you can trust for every automotive service and repair. Here are the respected brands you will find at our auto service centre in London:

  • NAPA®

  • APC®

  • ACDelco®

  • Fast Stop®

Advanced Wheel Alignment

At Ron Kraft Auto, we offer our customers the services of an advanced 4-wheel alignment machine. This is a continuing investment in our business and ability to serve you.

You, our customers, have always responded very positively to us, and we are happy to make this investment in our shop equipment and technology to better serve you.

Contact Us to Check Your Wheel Alignment

Have you hit one pothole too many or had a fender bender? Drive in or make an appointment at our auto shop in London to check your alignment. We are equipped to get your vehicle back on the road safely.

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