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Your Full-Service Fast Stop® Station in East London

Ron Kraft Auto Care is a full-service Fast Stop gas station in east London. Our facility is fully accessible. You receive all the personal and friendly service you expect from a family-owned and operated business. All the convenience of a full-service gas station:

  • We pump for you.

  • Regular and midgrade fuel

  • Ethanol-free premium fuel

  • BBQ tank refills

  • Automotive propane refills

  • Air hose

  • Restroom

Why have the smell of gas on your hands when we can pump it for you?

At Ron Kraft Auto Care, if you don’t want to leave your vehicle, no matter the weather, our attendant is right there to pump your gas for you. Just pay with the mobile payment machine brought right to your car window.


Appreciate old-fashioned gas station service? Our attendants also:

  • Fill your gas and top off fluids levels

  • Check your tire pressure.

  • Clean your windows.

Full-Service Propane Centre

Whether for driving, grilling or working, Ron Kraft Auto Care can supply you with the propane refills you need. Weekdays or weekends, bring us your tank or cylinder for:

  • Auto propane

  • BBQ tank refills

  • Forklift cylinder refills

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