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Save with Regular Auto Maintenance in London

Did you know that many parts of your vehicle are interrelated? Specific parts or an entire system can fail if you neglect even simple routine maintenance such as changing the oil, maintaining proper tire pressure or checking the coolant.

Neglecting your vehicle can lead to poor fuel economy, unreliability or even complete breakdowns. Not to mention a massive repair bill!

Poor maintenance may even invalidate you vehicle’s warranty. Ron Kraft Auto Care advises all our customers that it is always best to pay a little now to avoid paying a lot more later.

Good Auto Maintenance = Better Road Safety

Most of all, we want you and your passengers to stay safe on the road. Don’t let worn brakes or low tire pressure make you a statistic. According to recent studies, 5% of all motor vehicle fatalities are caused by automotive maintenance neglect.

Call us for regular vehicle services at our London auto shop, and follow these tips:

  • The cooling system should be checked about every 24 months.

  • A dirty windshield causes eye fatigue and can pose a safety hazard. Replace worn wiper blades and have plenty of washer fluid.

  • Have your tires rotated about every 10,000km. Check tire pressure once a month.

  • Keeping your tires inflated properly saves you money at the pumps.

  • The best time to check your tire pressure is before you start your trip.

  • Don’t forget about your spare and make sure your jack is in good condition.

  • You burn through more fuel and the engine works harder going down the road with lower tire pressure.

  • Lightening the load in your vehicle saves you fuel.

  • Avoid idling for a long period of time; shutting off you vehicle and restarting costs less than letting the engine run. It’s also better for our environment.

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